Child Care Assistance

Many of AC’s students have small children who must be cared for if their parents are to attend classes. Knowing this, AC has worked with the Deep East Texas Local Workforce Board to create a sizeable fund to assist parents in paying for childcare. This fund is administered by the region’s Child Care Services (CCS) contractor in Jasper.

NOTE: Funding for 2010-2011 was not adequate to assure summer child care for students whose children had not been in care during Spring 2011. Because the new funding for CCS will not be available until Oct. 1, 2011, we do not yet know whether child care will be available for Aug. 29 – Sept. 30, 2011.

To be assured of care while attending that month’s classes, the student should make other arrangements for that month’s child care.

To secure assistance in paying for childcare, the student must follow the steps below:

1.) About two weeks before the semester begins, go to Room 208 in the Student Center to pick up an application for services.

2.) Go to Campus Connect and print a copy of your class schedule and your unofficial transcript (“Advising Guide”).

3.) Fax or mail to CCS all of the following:

a.) Completed application;
b.) Verification documents listed in the application.
c.) Printed schedule of classes for current semester;
d.) Unofficial transcript (“Advising Guide”).

NOTE: CCS FAX number and address are on the application.

4.) About a week later, you will receive a call from a CCS case manager. (Be sure that the phone number on your application is a working number.)

Suggestions for Selecting a Child Care Center

1.) Interview caregivers to find out about hours of operation, cost, age of children accepted, number of children in care, licensing and accreditation, meals provided, and transportation (to and from school, if that age child is involved).

2.) Visit the facility more than once and look for relationship of teachers to children, contentment of children, activities, cleanliness and safety, a variety of learning materials, and individual attention.

3.) Ask questions: How do you handle discipline? What happens if a child is sick? What do you do in an emergency? Do you have substitute teachers? Do you know that babies should sleep on their backs? What training do your teachers have? May I see a copy of your current license? May I have a list of parents who have used your care?

4.) Check references. Talk to other parents about their experience with the center.

5.) Ask the licensing agency about complaints about the provider.

6.) Stay involved. Talk to your child every day, visit often, and talk to the caregiver.