HELP Loans

What is a HELP Loan?

Several years ago, some concerned and generous friends of Angelina College realized that students often had financial emergencies or crises that caused them to withdraw from school. These concerned friends began making contributions to a loan fund that was originally called the Rainbow Fund and later became known as the HELP Loan Fund.

  • HELP Loans are NOT “advances on Pell Grants.” No such advance can be made. HELP Loans are taken from the HELP Loan Fund.
  • HELP Loans do not exceed $200 and should be considered only when an emergency threatens continued class attendance. (Rent, utilities and car payments occur on a monthly basis. They do NOT qualify as emergencies.)
  • These loans are interest-free but must be repaid by the close of the semester in which the loan is made.
  • Applications for these loans are made in the Special Student Support Services Department, Room C208.
  • HELP Loans are usually made before Pell Grant balances are available to students; repayment is usually made by deducting the loans from Pell or scholarship balances due a student.

What Emergency Qualifies for a Loan?

Some typical crises that might warrant a HELP Loan are:

  • Car repairs for students with no other transportation. Ordinarily, students will be asked to supply a written estimate of the cost and contribute some of the cost themselves.
  • Food. A small loan may buy food for a parent and children for a few days until a paycheck comes in.
  • Supplies not available in the book store. If classes require supplies that the bookstore does not stock, students cannot charge supplies directly to their Pell grant. A small loan can buy these supplies, which are valid student expenses.
  • Inoculations required for health careers majors.
  • Textbooks for VCT classes. These books must be bought at distant campus bookstores and cannot be deducted from your Pell Grant at AC. You must bring in prices printed from the campus bookstore website of the host institution.
  • Other valid emergencies.

How Can You Get a Loan?

  • You must be enrolled as a student and be attending classes.
  • Get an estimate of the cost of the repair or supplies and take your estimate to Mrs. Bowser in Room C208.
  • Complete a two-page loan application, including banking information.
  • Checks will be available in the Business Office on the Monday following submission of your application. You will need photo ID to pick up the check.
  • Make sure that your loan is repaid–either from your Pell grant or from your own pocket.

Remember that HELP Loans are available only because loans are re-paid. Every time a student does not repay, the fund grows smaller for the next semester.

Contributors to the HELP Loan Fund:

Angelina College and students who benefit from the loan fund owe thanks to the following generous friends of the college:

  • Ward and Anna Belle Burke
  • Mrs. Virginia Nelson
  • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Oates
  • Barbara Smith
  • Marilyn Ruth Burke
  • The Temple Foundation