The Office of Student Access & Inclusion

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Our purpose is to minimize barriers to success for all Angelina College students from all walks of life. We are committed to creating a student-centered campus where chances of success are equitable for every student, where every student feels valued, and where students achieve their goals.

We look forward to serving you!

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Location: Roadrunner Central

Phone: (936) 633-5344


Student Access Tools

  • Compliance
  • Documentation 
  • Educational Accommodations Application
    Please click here to fill out the Accommodations Application. An application serves as your self-identifying as a student with a disability which impacts your education. For questions or concerns, please email or call 936-633-4509.
  • Situational Accommodations Form
    Please fill this form out ONLY if you were referred by a member of the Office of Student Success and Inclusion to do so. This form is for any accommodation made OUTSIDE of accommodations specific to learning disabilities. This form is NOT for accommodations related to classroom environment accommodations such as extended time, visual and hearing aids, etc.
  • AC Perks Program Application