Applying for Accommodations

Follow the steps below to apply for special accommodations:

1.) Complete the Angelina College admissions procedure.

2.) Complete the Disability Services application.

3.) Secure written documentation of your disability as described in Documentation.

4.) After formally enrolling in classes, call (936) 633-5293 to schedule an appointment with the Disability Services coordinator.

5.) At the time of your appointment, give your application, disability documentation, and a copy of your class schedule to the coordinator.

6.) The coordinator will give you letters of notification that you must give to your instructors. These letters will list accommodations you will need for classroom activities and tests. You should talk privately with your instructors about how you can use these accommodations to help you succeed academically.

Re-Applying for Services Each Semester:

You must re-apply for services each semester that you want special accommodations. You do not have to supply new documentation each semester. However, you should complete the application for services and submit that, along with your semester class schedule, to the Disability Services coordinator.

SUGGESTION: It is best to secure documentation as soon as you think you will be attending college. You can submit the application and documentation as soon as they are complete by mailing them to the address below.

Disability Services Coordinator:

Steve Hudman (
Dean of Student Affairs
P.O. Box 1768
Lufkin, TX 75902-1768
(936) 633-5293