Important Questions

Q.) What kind of services will I receive?

Accommodations are tailored to the individual and are determined by several factors. The diagnostic report, classroom environment, and the classes you are taking are some of those factors. Please remember that the services you may have received in public school may be different from the accommodations provided in college.

Q.) Why must I document my disability?

Frequently, the funds that help the college provide services to students with disabilities are from government grants and programs. These grants and programs specify that the college maintain files of documentation proving eligibility to access these funds. In addition, the diagnostic reports you provide help the Disability Services coordinator and instructors to complete the best plan for reasonably accommodating your disability.

Q.) How current must my documentation be?

The more current the diagnosis, the better it describes your present circumstances. In general, Angelina College allows for diagnosis within the past three years.

Q.) Can THEA requirements be waived for a student with a disability?

Please consult the THEA Registration Bulletin for information on special testing accommodations and a modified route of completion of the THEA requirement. For further help, talk to the Disability Services coordinator.

Q.) What if I disagree with a grade I receive?

This area is not within the scope of Disability Services. To discuss a grade change, you must begin with the instructor.

Q.) What if I have more than one disability?

You must provide documentation of each disability, since each will call for different accommodations.