Transportation Assistance

What is Transportation Assistance?

The Carl Perkins Grant supplies funds to help Angelina College special populations, technology/workforce students pay for transportation costs.

  • The amount of the assistance is determined by funds available and the student’s schedule and distance from campus.
  • The assistance is usually paid twice per semester directly to the student and is considered part of a student’s financial aid.
  • The assistance is designed to help defray the costs of commuting, not pay for the full amount.

Who Qualifies for Transportation Assistance?

1.) This assistance is available only to students in occupational majors, such as:

    • Health Careers: Nursing, EMS, Respiratory Care, Radiologic Technology and Sonography.
    • Business: Management and Marketing, Real Estate, Accounting, General Business, Office Administration, Data Processing.
    • Technical / Vocational: Electromechanical Technology, Child and Family Development, Welding, Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Human Services, Drafting and Design Technology, Electronics Technology.

2.) Only Special Populations students are eligible:

    • Single parents
    • Single pregnant women
    • Displaced homemakers 
    • Limited English proficiency
    • Physically disadvantaged
    • Economically disadvantaged
    • Majors in fields non-traditional for gender

How Can You Get Transportation Assistance?

Read and follow all steps below:

1.) Make sure that you fit the eligibility criteria outlined above.

2.) No earlier than two weeks before the semester begins, complete the e-application below. (Earlier applications will be discarded.)

3.) After registering, take a copy of your schedule and an unofficial transcript (obtained through Campus Connect) to Room 208 of the Student Center.

4.) Wait at least two weeks after the semester begins, and then return to Room 208 of the Student Center to see if you have qualified. If so, at that time you will be given instructions and trip logs to document your travel to and from classes. You will also sign a contract and supply information about your car and your driver’s license.

5.) Turn in your trip logs on the last class day of each month (Room 208, Student Center).

Application for Assistance

Suggestions for Saving on Transportation Costs

  • If possible, leave the driving to the transit system: ride the shuttle. This gives you extra study time and saves wear and tear on your car.
  • Talk to other students from your area before a semester begins, so that you can plan approximately the same class times and car pool. This reduces wear and maintenance on the cars of each person in the pool.
  • Investigate the possibility of scheduling classes on Tuesday / Thursday or Monday / Wednesday. That may make long class days, but it halves your cost.
  • Remember that gas is very expensive; driving 55 miles per hour on the highway will reduce your costs by reducing the fuel your car needs.

Above all, drive carefully! 

You are an important part of Angelina College!