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The workplace is changing and so are the skills that students must have to find a “smart job.” Workforce 2000 (Hudson Institute) identifies a growing need for increased workplace skills for the United States to remain a global competitor in the marketplace.

The 21st Century is bringing new demands on existing and new employees entering the workforce. The Business and Technology programs reflect an effort to prepare students with skills and competencies that employers want.

Areas of Concentration in Technology

Certificate of Completion Level – 1 Certificates in Business

Associate of Science Degrees in Business

Associate of Applied Science in Business

Enhanced Skills Certificates in Business

There are specific degree and course requirements for associate degrees. Contact the School of Business and Technology office at (936) 633-5246 or for information about the following programs:

Assessment Requirements

  • Associate Degrees: TSI Assessment after the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

  • Level 1 Certificates: WorkKeys Math and Reading

  • Students enrolled in courses of the programs offered must be assessed for basic workforce skills. THEA or WorkKeys is required for all Level 1 Certificates. Exemptions from the WorkKeys assessment are the same as for THEA. Students who do not meet the workforce basic skill levels are strongly advised to enroll in a workforce basic skill course(s).

Enrollment in a workforce basic skill course is not mandatory; however, a WorkKeys score in reading of level 5 is considered minimum for success in each program.

The American College Testing process using the WorkKeys System established workforce basic skills levels for the occupations. The WorkKeys levels of mathematics vary among individual programs.

Consult with your adviser for the required level of mathematics in your degree plan. A WorkKeys score of Level 5 (TASP 230) in reading and locating information is considered minimum level for success in each program.

WorkKeys assessing must be taken prior to enrollment. Assessments are given in the Workforce Skills Lab in the Technology and Workforce Development Center in Room 139. Schedules for assessment will be posted in the college semester schedule.

Angelina College is accredited by the Texas Higher Education Board and the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. SCANS

The SCANS Report (Secretary’s Commission on Necessary Skills, Dept. of Labor) has identified a three-part foundation and five competencies that employees must have to successfully find employment. They are foundation skills and workplace competencies.

Foundation Skills

Basic Skills – reading, writing, arithmetic and math, speaking, and listening.

Thinking Skills – the ability to learn, to reason, to think creatively, to make decisions, and to solve problems.
Personal Qualities – individual responsibility, self-esteem & self-management, sociability, & integrity.

Workplace Competencies

Resources – know how to allocate time, money, materials, space and staff.
Interpersonal Skills – work on teams, teach each other, serve customers, lead, negotiate, and work well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Information – acquire and evaluate data, organize and maintain files, interpret and communicate, and use computers to process information.
Systems – understand social, organizational, and technological systems, monitor and correct performance, and design or improve systems.
Technology – select equipment and tools, apply technology to specific tasks, maintain and troubleshoot equipment.

Additional Information

The School of Business and Technology is located in the Technology & Workforce Development Center on the Angelina College campus in Lufkin.

You are invited to call, visit or email:

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