WorkKeys Schedule


WorkKeys Testing Info

The WorkKeys is not for individuals seeking an Associate’s Degree. Associates must take the TSI test, and should contact the testing center located in the student center, 2nd floor.

The WorkKeys Tests are for certificate candidates in Reading Comprehension and Math.

First take WorkKeys Pricing to the business office (Administration Building 2nd floor) and pay for the test and bring the receipt on test day.  You will fill out an Information Release Form so we can release your scores to the proper individuals/departments.   Please sign the document when you get to the testing area. The WorkKeys testing schedule is set for Wednesdays at 1 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 a.m. if the campus is open.


See the table below for scores and tests needed for each program.


If you live in the Jasper area, take note of the following:

If you are in Jasper you can contact the Jasper learning center and schedule a time to take the test.

Jasper Center: 409-489-9000

Currently, here are the needed scores. These might change at any time and you may have to contact the program directly for needed information.

ProgramReading For InformationApplied MathematicsWriting
Police Academy5Not neededNot needed
Medical Assistant54Not needed
Human Services4Not neededNot needed
HVAC44Not needed
Welding44Not needed
PCTA44Not needed
Automotive Technology44Not needed
Diesel Mechanic55Not needed
Real Estate4Not neededNot needed
Child & Family Development4Not neededNot needed

Tips for taking the tests:

For most of the programs, the test needed is Reading For Information (RFI). The test is 33 questions long and 55 mins timed (for the computer). RFI is reading comprehension and contains letters, memos, items of this sort. The first text is for developmental reasons and is quite easy, the last memos are written in close to corporate legalize.

If you have trouble taking these types of tests here are some tips that are universal to any multiple choice test.

  1. Read the question first
  2. Skim the reading for KEY WORDS found in the question
  3. Use process of elimination on the answers
  4. Do not discount your intuition
        a) More often than not, when we second guess, we guess wrong.

Applied Math has about 33 questions and is 55 min timed. A formula sheet is provided, and a standard calculator is allowed. The formula sheet has conversions for Distance, Mass, as well as formulas for Area, Volume, and standard formulas for basic geometric shapes. Scratch paper and pencils are provided.


Locating information is 38 questions and 55 mins timed. It has diagrams, charts, and the sort that will be used with questions.