The College Board Advanced Placement (AP)

The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are not offered on the Angelina College campus; however, AP Examinations are evaluated for Angelina College credit. Student grade reports containing scores of 3 or above must be submitted to the testing office along with a written request.

The AP Examinations are offered once a year in May, usually in high schools that offer college-level courses based on AP course descriptions. Each high school that gives the examinations sets its own registration deadline (no later than March) and collects fees.

Reports of AP Examination results are mailed by the College Board in mid-July to institutions listed as recipients by students. (The College Board code for Angelina College is 6025).

The AP Examinations test students over subject matter outlined in the AP course descriptions prepares by the College Board. The descriptions, which include sample questions, are available from some high school counselors and from the Advanced Placement Program, P.O. Box 6670, Princeton, NJ 08541-6670.

If no high school in the vicinity is administering AP Examinations, students interested in taking AP Examinations should write for information, by February 1st, to AP Services, P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671 or by calling (609) 771-7300.


Course No.

Test Sub.

Min. Score

Credit Hrs.

ART1303 & 1304Art History36

1311Studio Art - 2D Design33
1316Studio Art: Drawing33
2343Studio Art -
3D Design
BIOL1408 & 1409Biology38
2306 & 2106Environmental Biology34
CHEM1411 & 1412Chemistry38
COSC1315Computer Science Principles33
1336Computer Sci-A33
ENGL1301English Language / Comp.33
1302English Literature / Comp.33
GEOG1301Human Geography33
GOVT2305American Govt. & Politics33
HIST1301 & 1302United States History36
2311 & 2312European History36
2413Calculus AB34
2413 & 2414Calculus BC38
MUSI1311Music Theory33
PHYS1401Physics C - Mechanics34
1402Physics C - Electricity & Magnetics34
1305 & 1105Physics 134
1305 & 1105Physics 234
SPAN1411 & 1412Spanish Language38
1411, 1412, & 2311Spanish Language4 & Above11