Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI)

All applicants to the Angelina College Nursing program are required to take the Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) A2 Admission Assessment as a part of the application process for the program. In research studies, successful Admission Assessment scores have been closely correlated to successful program completion and student retention.

The HESI Admission Assessment is a timed, computerized test that consists of three academic exams: reading comprehension, basic math skills, and vocabulary/general knowledge. The test also has a learning style and personality profile assessment. Time allotted is 3.5 hours.

Completion of the HESI Admission Assessment™ (A²) is a part of the requirements for consideration for admission to the Angelina College Nursing Program. The HESI Admission Assessment™ (A²) is administered by the Angelina College Testing Center (ACTC). The HESI Admission Assessment™ (A²) is a computerized test. Test takers should allow approximately four (4) hours to check in and complete the examination. Candidates need to be aware that each question has a different point value. It is to your advantage to supply an answer for each question, but keep in mind when receiving your scores that two individuals who have the same number of correct answers may earn a different overall score based on the weight of the test questions they answered correctly. The HESI Admission Assessment™ (A²) Study Guide may be ordered directly from HESI by calling 1 (800) 545-2522.

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Exam modules contained in the HESI Admission Assessment™ (A²) administered for the Vocational Nursing Program at ANGELINA COLLEGE are:

Content Exams

Math: 50 item exam. Focuses on math needed for calculation of Drugs and Solutions.
Time allotment: 50 minutes.

Reading Comprehension: 47 item exam. Reading scenarios that are health related. The reading scenarios pop up on the screen. Students can move around the windows to see the entire scenario. Time allotment: 60 minutes.

Vocabulary/General Knowledge: 50 item exam.  Basic vocabulary that is often used in health care fields.  Time Allotment:  70 minutes.

Learning Style/Personality Profile

Learning Styles: 14 item assessment of preferred learning style. Time allotment: 15 minutes

Personality Style: 15 item assessment of personality related to preferred learning style. Time allotment: 15 minutes. Students test results with study tips based on their learning style and personality profile will be e-mailed to the address provided.

*The HESI may be taken only once during one application period.

Reserve your seat to test HESI A2 by completing the HESI A2 reservation form.