Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

Steps to Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

Angelina College provides the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), hosted by Querium, and documents your participation upon completion of the PAA. The activity includes the following:

  • A description of the approved exemptions;
  • An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment;
  • Practice test questions and feedback;
  • An explanation of all your developmental education options, if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard; and
  • Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a college student.

STEP 1: Go to to complete your application for admission at least 4 -5 days before you want to take the PAA.

NOTE: The admission application process will assign you an AC ID number, Student PIN, and AC student e-mail address. To obtain instructions on how to access your student e-mail go to

STEP 2: Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity for Angelina College, hosted by Querium, at Your PAA Completion Certificate will be sent to your Angelina College student e-mail. Print this certificate and put it in a safe place. You cannot test without this certificate! If you misplace your certificate or cannot provide it on your test day you will have to take the PAA again to obtain another certificate. The testing center cannot print out your Completion Certificate.

STEP 3: If you complete the PAA at a site that outside the Angelina College campus, you must obtain your Completion Certificate and bring it with you on your test day.

STEP 4: To schedule your test at an AC testing center return to the Testing web page and click on the icon for Online Registration/Payment.