Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers

Standards and Education (TCLEOSE)

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (Commission) issues licenses to peace officers and reserve law enforcement officers, county jailers, public security officers and investigative hypnotists. In each case, an applicant must meet certain training and examination standards prior to licensing. The licensing examination follows required training or its equivalent and each is an independent licensing requirement.

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To be eligible to take a state licensing examination, a student must have a valid endorsement. An endorsement to take an examination is issued by an academy coordinator, the executive director of the commission, or a person authorized by the executive director. And endorsement base on training that was completed more than two years before the date of issue may be issued only by the executive director of The Commission. Duplicate, out-of-state, second and third endorsements may be issued only by the executive director of the commission or his designee. In order to issue the endorsement, the person issuing such an endorsement must have on file for the person to whom it is issued, written documentation of successful completion of the basic licensing course for license sought, and

1. written documentation that the person to whom it is issued is currently licensed by the commission or
2. if the person is not currently licensed by the commission, written documentation that the applicant meets the current enrooment5 standards.

A valid endorsement shall:

1. be on the current commission format;
2. be a completed original document bearing all required signatures;
3. state that the examinee has met the current minimum training standards appropriate to the license sought; and;
4. include a date of issue.

An examination may not be taken by an individual who already holds any license or certificate to be awarded upon passing that examination. Once an initial endorsement is issued, an examinee will be allowed three opportunities to pass the examination. After three failures, or if the endorsement expires, the examinee must re-qualify by repeating the entire training course for the license sought. If attempt is invalidated for any reason, that attempt will count as one of the three opportunities.

To be eligible to sit for an examination, an examinee must: possess and display at the examination site a valid endorsement for the specific type of examination sought; bring to the examination site and display upon request;

1. identification card which contains photograph;
2. report on time;
3. not disrupt the examination;
4. comply with all the written and verbal instructions of the proctor.

The examinee shall not: bring into the examination room any books, notes, or other written material related to the content of the examination; refer to, use or possess any such written material in the examination room; bring into the examination room any cellular phones, pagers, or other such electronic devices; give or receive answers or communicate in any manner with another examinee during the examination; communicate any of the content of an examination to another at any time; steal, copy, or in any way reproduce any part of the examination; engage in any deceptive or fraudulent act to gain admission; engage in any deceptive or fraudulent act during or after an examination; or solicit, encourage, direct, assist or aid another person to violate any provision of this section or to compromise the integrity of the examination.

No person will be allowed to attempt an exam without presenting an original endorsement and picture identification to the Exam Administrator. Picture identification may be:

1. Valid driver's license (preferred), OR
2. Law enforcement agency identification with photo

Questionable endorsements (including copies) will be taken up by the Exam Administrator and sent to The Commission. Any individual presenting a questionable endorsement will NOT be allowed to test.

Academic endorsements must contain the original seal of the college/university.

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