NEW TSI Assessment
The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-mandated program that applies to all students enrolling in Texas public colleges and universities for the first-time. Students are required to take the TSI assessment to demonstrate college readiness, if they are not exempt. The exemptions include:

1. Achieved at or above the state exemption scores on ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STARR End of Course (EOC).

2. Earned an associate or baccalaureate degree.

3. Completed college-level coursework at a private or independent institution of higher education or an accredited out-of-state institution of higher education.

4. Attended any institution previously and has been determined to have met readiness standards by that institution.

5. Serving on active duty as a member of the armed forces of the United States, the Texas National Guard, or as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States and has been serving for at least three years preceding enrollment.

6. Honorably discharged, retired, or released from active duty as a member of the armed forces of the United States or the Texas National Guard or service as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States.

7. An institution may exempt a non-degree-seeking or non-certificate-seeking student.

The TSI Assessment is an instructional program designed to enhance the success of students in college-level courses. The program promotes the early diagnosis of basic skills in reading, mathematics (algebra & statistics), and writing, and mandates programs to ensure the success of students in higher education.

Based on how you perform you may either be enrolled in a college-level course that matches your skill level or be placed in the appropriate developmental course or intervention to improve your skills and prepare you for success in college-level courses.

Before you take the TSI Assessment, you must participate in a Pre-Assessment Activity unless you meet one of the approved exemptions.

Angelina College provides the Pre-Assessment Activity, hosted by Querium, and documents your participation upon completion of the PAA. The activity includes the following:

• An description of the approved exemptions;
• An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment;
• Practice test questions and feedback;
• An explanation of all your developmental education options, if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard; and
• Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a college student.

Navigation Questions for Pre-Assessment Activity and TSI Assessment
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1. Have you completed the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) and obtained a Completion Certificate?

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