TSI Testing

The Texas Suc­cess Ini­tia­tive (TSI) is a state-man­dat­ed pro­gram that applies to all stu­dents enrolling in Texas pub­lic col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties for the first-time. Stu­dents are required to take the TSIA assess­ment to demon­strate col­lege readi­ness, if they are not exempt. The exemp­tions include:

1. Achieved at or above the state exemp­tion scores on ACTSATTAKS or STAAR End of Course (EOC).

2. Earned an asso­ciate or bac­calau­re­ate degree.

3. Com­plet­ed col­lege-lev­el course­work at a pri­vate or inde­pen­dent insti­tu­tion of high­er edu­ca­tion or an accred­it­ed out-of-state insti­tu­tion of high­er education.

4. Attend­ed any insti­tu­tion pre­vi­ous­ly and has been deter­mined to have met readi­ness stan­dards by that institution.

5. Serv­ing on active duty as a mem­ber of the armed forces of the Unit­ed States, the Texas Nation­al Guard, or as a mem­ber of a reserve com­po­nent of the armed forces of the Unit­ed States and has been serv­ing for at least three years pre­ced­ing enrollment.

6. Hon­or­ably dis­charged, retired, or released from active duty as a mem­ber of the armed forces of the Unit­ed States or the Texas Nation­al Guard or ser­vice as a mem­ber of a reserve com­po­nent of the armed forces of the Unit­ed States.

7. An insti­tu­tion may exempt a non-degree-seek­ing or non-cer­tifi­cate-seek­ing student.

The TSI Assess­ment is an instruc­tion­al pro­gram designed to enhance the suc­cess of stu­dents in col­lege-lev­el cours­es. The pro­gram pro­motes the ear­ly diag­no­sis of basic skills in read­ing, math­e­mat­ics (alge­bra & sta­tis­tics), and writ­ing, and man­dates pro­grams to ensure the suc­cess of stu­dents in high­er education.

Based on how you per­form you may either be enrolled in a col­lege-lev­el course that match­es your skill lev­el or be placed in the appro­pri­ate devel­op­men­tal course or inter­ven­tion to improve your skills and pre­pare you for suc­cess in col­lege-lev­el courses.

Steps to sign up:

          1. Par­tic­i­pate in a Pre-Assess­ment Activ­i­ty (PAA)

          2. Regis­ter for the TSI

          3. Pay for the TSIA



Angelina College provides the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), hosted by Querium, and documents your participation upon completion of the PAA. The activity includes the following:

A description of the approved exemptions;
An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment;
Practice test questions and feedback;
An explanation of all your developmental education options, if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard; and
Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a college student.
Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity for Angelina College at www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Angelina-College.

Your PAA Completion Certificate will be sent to your Angelina College student e-mail. KEEP THIS EMAIL OR PRINT THE CERTIFICATE and bring to the Testing Center when you test. You cannot test without this Certificate! If you misplace your certificate or cannot provide it on your test day, you will have to take the PAA again to obtain another certificate. The testing center cannot print out your Completion Certificate. The PAA Certificate can be used to take the TSIA for one year.

If you complete the PAA at a site outside the Angelina College campus, you must obtain your Completion Certificate and bring it with you on your test day.

Go to Step 2 to register for the TSIA.


After completing the PAA, register to take the TSIA:
Lufkin campus
Livingston campus
Remote Testing

Go to Step 3 to pay for the TSI within 24 hours.


After registering, pay for the TSIA within 24 hours of completing the online registration.

Payment can be made by phone or in person only.

$15 each part, $35 all parts

AC Business Office: Roadrunner Central in the Student Center / Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm / (936) 633-5318


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