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8 week courses

Dedicated to serving our community, we are pleased to provide flexibility with our 8 week courses. We understand people are busy. Many of our students are parents, working full time jobs, or both, and we want to support you on your road to success. 
Our 8 week courses allow you to focus on fewer subjects for a short amount of time and successfully earn the credits needed for graduation.

Why Eight week classes?

Whether you are a high achiever and eager to finish fast, or you a dedicated student who is needing flexibility due to other responsibilities, 8 week courses are proven to be a positive alternative to the tradition 16 week semester.

-Focus your attention on fewer subjects at one time
-Avoid the burnout students often get from long semesters
-Gain the credits you need to graduate

Choose your Pathway

Motivated and ready to achieve? Start on your road to success today and complete your core curriculum in an individualized learning environment.

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Earn an Associate Degree

Invest in yourself while studying under our highly-educated faculty and staff. Pursue a degree in one or more of our 18 academic areas.

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College Catalog

From music and drama to journalism and government, Angelina College has a wide variety of programs to fit your wants and needs. Visit our College Catalog for more information.

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Be a Roadrunner

Angelina College is the place for you. Whether you are looking to gain an Associate’s degree, certificate, or continue your education, our faculty and staff will guide you on your road to success. Take the first step, invest in yourself, invest in your future, be a Roadrunner.