Cares Funds Fall 2021

“If you’re Pell (grant) eligible, you will receive $1,100. If you’re not Pell-eligible, you will receive $600,”

Each student that enrolls in credit courses in the fall will receive a disbursement of funds from the CARES Act; it is available to all students, with the exception of dual-credit students. The previous funds were only for Title IV-eligible students who received some type of financial aid.

“The CARES had two parts to it,” said Janice Huffman, director of grants and sponsored programs at Angelina College. “One was an institutional part that the institutions could use to upgrade their needs to offset coronavirus; the other part was for students, and it could only be distributed to students, directly to students, and that’s the part we’re looking at now for the fall.”

While all students will be receiving the funds, there is still a priority for students with exceptional needs. Students don’t need to apply for the funds; they will automatically receive the money.

“A student with exceptional need, we have to prioritize,” Huffman said. “So we will be doing a higher rate for a student with exceptional need, and all other students would get the second amount.”

“So if you’re Pell (grant) eligible, you would get $1,100. If you’re not Pell-eligible, you’d get $600,” said Krista Brown, executive director of marketing & strategic enrollment. “There’s a lot of things that can make a student Pell-eligible. Once they fill out the FAFSA, the government decides who’s eligible. There’s a lot of stipulations that go into it.”

Pell-eligible students also will receive a reimbursement check along with the CARES funds.

“So, in the fall semester, if they took a full load, got a Pell reimbursement check, they can use it toward books, living expenses, really whatever they would like,” Brown said. “They’ll get an additional $1,100 from these CARES funds. So it’s just a lot of opportunity for our students to gain funding this upcoming semester.”

Huffman said it feels great to hear students stories’ of how funds like this helped them to graduate.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help our students,” she said. “Working in the grants office that I do, I get several grants that help support our students, and I know it helps them.”