Abre el mundo

Dr. Annette Gillum

Abre el mundo

Abre el mundo

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This book was created to fulfill the need for a beginning Spanish language OER. Although I received a lot of encouragement and support, I have created it as a single author with a full-time teaching load without a budget. Due to these factors, it does not live up to all of the expectations that one would have of a book published by an editing company. It is being released to the public as a work in progress that will be continually improved upon.

The author recognizes the importance of addressing the 5 C ́s in any language program: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. However, due to the limitations under which this textbook was created, the main focus upon its initial release is that of communication. Ideally, the 5 C ́s would be fully integrated in the textbook and the author will continue to edit the book with this in mind.

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