Writing Excellence Awards

Thank you to all who participated in the

2021 Angelina College Student Writing Excellence Awards

On behalf of the Angelina College English faculty judges for the Student Writing Excellence Awards, we are pleased to announce the winners in each of the four contest categories. Please join me in extending special congratulations to the following student authors.
High School Composition:
1st Place: Emma Ellisor, “How to Sell a Diet: The Commercialization of Body Shaming and Eating Disorders”
2nd Place: Allyson Sinclair, “Supermarket and Sustenance Shortages”
3rd Place: Chareese MacDonald, “Ancient Heroes”

Freshman Composition:

1st Place: Abigail Rangel-Orta, “Rhetorical Analysis of Michael Moss’ Explanation on the Obesity Crisis in America”
2nd Place: Elsa Davila, “Essay #1: Academic Narrative”
3rd Place: Jordan Armstrong, “Digital Detoxification Experience”
Researched Argument:
1st Place: Chloe Vineyard, “Heroism Culturally Influenced in Literature”
2nd Place: Alexandra Thompson, “Hydrofracking Is Not a Safe Way to Extract Natural Gas”
3rd Place: Nazeli Hidalgo, “Why the Growth Mindset Is Useful in Teaching”
Literary Analysis:
1st Place: Hannah Cooper, “The Real Monster in the Novel Frankenstein
2nd Place: Jarrod Gardner, “Edgar Allan Poe Comparative Analysis”
3rd Place: Nathaniel Duran, “An Interpretation of ‘On Work’ in The Prophet
We had 35 entries this year, and all of them demonstrated exceptional quality, which is no less than we have come to expect from our exceptional students.
All students who submitted work for consideration in this year’s contest should feel proud of yourselves and the work that you do. We are confident that you will continue to strive for excellence in your academic achievements and beyond.
Let us also thank and congratulate the faculty sponsors of these students for their guidance and support. I would further like to extend warm thanks to the AC faculty who volunteered their time to serve as judges for this year’s contest.