November 14-18, 2022

Come watch these students in the Babes in Toyland production! Click here for show times. 

Matthew Gresham

November 18 "Babes in Toyland" Student Spotlight

Matthew Gresham sings in the Chorus of the Babes in Toyland production. Matthew’s favorite thing about participating in the production has been “Meeting new people and watching the creative process that goes into putting together a show.”

Matthew majors in Graphic Arts and says he values attending Angelina College because of the “sense of community here compared to a large university.”

Madeline Gipson

November 17 "Babes in Toyland" Student Spotlight

Madeline Gipson will play the part of Toymaster in Babes in Toyland.

According to Madeline, her favorite thing about participating in the production has been “Meeting new people and forming new friendships.”

Madeline majors in Theater Arts and says she values AC because “I am able to get my associate degree affordably while staying close to home.”

Jacob Anderson

November 16 "Babes in Toyland" Student Spotlight

Jacob Anderson will sing in the Chorus of the Babes in Toyland production. This is his first musical, and being a part of it has been a “really cool experience,” according to Jacob.

Jacob majors in Music and enjoys the program because “I am able to go out and try new things without being totally nervous, and I am able to learn so much about music without being overwhelmed.”

Jacob is in Chorale on a vocal scholarship, and he plays guitar for Harvest Family Worship Center.

Jaylen Sowell

November 15 "Babes in Toyland" Student Spotlight

Jaylen Sowell will sing in the Chorus of the Babes in Toyland production. Her favorite thing about participating in it has been, “Getting out of my comfort zone with some of my favorite people.”

Jaylen majors in General Studies with a concentration in Vocal Music. She enjoys attending AC because the staff truly cares about the students. Jaylen is also Alto 1 in the AC Chorale group. She is a vocal scholarship recipient and a 2-time member of the Texas Two-Year College All State Choir.

Deondre Bookman

November 14 "Babes in Toyland" Student Spotlight

Deondre Bookman will play the part of Humpty Dumpty in Babes in Toyland. His favorite thing about participating in the production has been “The creativity and positive energy that everyone involved brings.”

FUN FACT: Deondre is AC’s Rowdy the Roadrunner Mascot! He is also a theater major. He enjoys attending AC because of the friendliness of the campus community, and he appreciates that the faculty pushes students to be their best. When Deondre isn’t at school or involved in theater, he enjoys volunteering for ADAC Center events.


Uncle Barnaby: Ben Reynolds
Alan: Carson Wojasinski
Mistress Mary Quite Contrary: Ashleigh Bentley
Gonzorgo: Ada Pierson
Roderigo: Violet Williams
The Giant Spider: Dalyn West
Jack: Jackson Havard
Jill: Canaan Bostwick
Little Bo Peep: Kassandra Anderson
Little Boy Blue: Levi Stroud
Humpty Dumpty: Deondre Bookman
Toymaker: Madeline Gipson
Grumio: Victoria Steptoe
Doll: Elliot Winston


Sierra Rike
Avery Axelson
Maddie Pesek
Emmalynn Bunge
Jace Juarez
Addison Poulaud
Bella Smith 
Ava Nash
Matthew Gresham
Jaylen Sowell
Jonnea Rike
Jessica Reynolds
Alyxandra Phillips
Caitlyn Hutson
Jacob Anderson
Savanna Soverns


Ava Nash
Maddie Pesek
Jace Juarez
Addison Pouland
Alyxandra Phillips
Avery Axelson

technical crew

Director: Kary Raine
Musical Director: Beckie Compton
Choreography: Leigh Ann Hughes
Stage Manager: Eric Smith
Assistant Stage Manager: Jade Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager: Phoebey Clark
Scenic Designer: Darbie Powers
Lighting Designer: Taz Powers
Sound Designer: Taz Powers
Costume Designer: Retha Powers
Makeup Designer: Retha Powers


Tari Dean

November 10 Nontraditional Student Spotlight

Tari Dean is an outstanding student. In addition to being a Straight A student in all of her theater classes, she is an exemplary role model for other students, as she brings an abundance of wisdom and practical knowledge to the classroom and projects she is involved in.

Tari has done an excellent job as the stage manager for the “Angelina’s Got Talent” show, and she is very active and involved in local community theaters. Tari will be graduating at the end of the 2022 Fall semester and is looking forward to obtaining a job in theater where she can apply all of the knowledge gained in class. She also hopes to regain some stability and get back to normal after recently losing her husband in a car accident.

Tari, as a strong woman and caring mother and grandmother, would like to share a small piece of advice for current and future students: “It is never too late to get back into college. Pursue a career in something that you really enjoy, in something that brings you joy.”

Special thanks to the School of Arts and Education.

Reina Rodriguez

November 9 Nontraditional Student Spotlight

Reina Rodriguez is an exceptional student. She is a hard working, dedicated, and highly motivated student who is always smiling and willing to help others. She is one of the top students in her Anatomy & Physiology class.

Reina has successfully excelled in college while keeping a job at a local grocery store. She says, “It has been very challenging to get adjusted to going to college full time and keeping a job, while at the same time trying to spend time with family and friends.” However, Reina explains that continuing to work hard everyday has been the key to her success in college. After graduating from college, she looks forward to finding a stable job that will make her happy and that she will fully enjoy.

Reina’s advice for current students and those who are considering attending college is: “You have to work really hard for what you want and to achieve your goals. Ask questions if you don’t know something, stay organized by keeping a schedule, and try to make friends that will help you study. Studying with others is fun!”

Special thanks to the School of Science and Mathematics.

Rosalind Montgomery-Williams

November 8 Nontraditional Student Spotlight

Rosalind Montgomery-Williams is an extraordinary student. She is always positive and is willing to help her classmates when needed. She is very passionate about her studies, and she plans to become a travel respiratory therapist upon graduation in May of 2023.

Rosalind’s resilience and perseverance is truly inspiring to others. Despite facing many challenges and adversities such as overcoming breast cancer, she has continued to take care of her responsibilities, maintaining a part-time job and has excelled in college as a full-time student with great support from her husband and mother.

As a breast cancer survivor, she plans on giving back to the community to make a difference, and she hopes to continue to be a great role model for her three daughters. Rosalind’s advice for future and current students is: “You can do anything you put your mind to,” and when you are going through tough times, “push forward. Be patient and manage your time wisely. There will be a great outcome at the end of the journey.” Isaiah’s Bible verse 41:10 has helped Rosalind overcome many difficulties and she hopes it will help others as well.

Special thanks to the School of Health Careers.

Yhelshin Benavides Mendoza

November 7 Nontraditional Student Spotlight

Yhelshin Benavides Mendoza is a very dedicated and remarkable student. She has made great progress since starting in English I last January. She is committed to her studies and has successfully moved on to English II where she continues to learn to speak English.

Without a doubt, Yhelshin is a hardworking student in class and at home and goes the extra mile to understand and do things well. She also recently obtained a driver’s license and is currently studying to gain her US citizenship. She has accomplished all of this while working online, volunteering at church, and caring for her husband who recently underwent treatment for cancer.

Yhelshin plans to pursue a career in Nursing at Angelina College after graduating from her ESL classes. Her small piece of advice for current and future students is “to always give your best to achieve your goals. You can do anything as long as you think positive and have faith despite the difficulties.”

Special thanks to the Workforce & Continuing Education Division.