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AC Compact with Texans

Agency: Angelina College

Mission & Vision

The MISSION of Angelina College is to provide quality educational opportunities and services to aid students and the community in reaching their full potential.

The VISION of Angelina College is to be the first choice in value and quality education leading to diverse career pathways throughout its service area.

The College District’s mission and vision are predicated on the belief that education is vital to maintaining a democratic society, transmitting culture and extending knowledge, and developing engaged citizens empowered to improve their lives and communities. The College District is committed to engaging in an active relationship with the communities it serves to ensure the relevance and vitality of its educational programs and services and to enhance the economic, cultural, and social environments of those communities. The College District assists a diverse student population prepare for a rapidly changing and highly technological world through quality educational programs and excellent student services.

Customer Service Standards

The Board of Trustees and the administration make every effort to maintain policies, regulations, and procedures contributing to the success, strength, and stability of Angelina College. New policies and procedures and changes to existing policies and procedures are adopted to accommodate current best practices and continuous improvement; to comply with changes in laws, regulations, or accreditation standards; or to respond to operational issues.

Complaint Procedures

  • Currently enrolled students wishing to file a complaint concerning academic and student services-related incidents are to follow the process and use the form found in the Angelina College Policies and Procedures Manual in the section titled “Student Rights and Responsibilities – Student Complaints.” ( The online form can be found here. You must be logged on to your MyAc Portal to submit a form. 
  • Employees should follow the Employee Grievances and Complaint process and use the form provided in the Angelina College Policies and Procedures Manual section titled “Employee Complaints and Grievances.” ( The online form can be found here
  • Those external to the College who have concerns or complaints should follow the processes found in the Angelina College Policies and Procedures Manual in the section titled “Public Complaints.” ( The public complaint form can be found here

Customer Relations Contact

The Customer Relations Representative may be contacted if the customer needs assistance directing the complaint.  Angelina College’s Customer Relations Representative is the Associate Vice President of Student Services at Angelina College at 936-633-7217 or