Disability Services


Angelina College wants all students to be able to participate as fully as possible in college life and to experience optimal academic success. To help students with disabilities to accomplish those goals, AC provides appropriate special accommodations services, equipment, and referrals.


Federal law (section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) mandates “reasonable accommodations” for post-secondary students with disabilities that substantially limit some major life activity.


Students should be aware that the Section 504 and Title II requirements that apply to public schools are different from the requirements that apply to colleges and universities. One difference is that the student, rather than the college, must assume much of the responsibility for addressing his/her needs. Disclosure is always voluntary, but if a student wants accommodations for a disability, he/she must self-identify to the college as having a disability. Appropriate academic adjustments will be based on the written documentation of the disability (as determined by a qualified professional) and on individual needs.

Written documentation (testing and/or diagnosis by an appropriate professional) is the responsibility of the student. Angelina College does not have access to no-cost or reduced cost testing, nor do we have staff that can administer diagnostic testing on campus.

Another major difference is that the student who has reached age 18 is expected to self-advocate. Federal law mandates that the college communicate directly with the student unless he/she signs a Release of Confidential Information allowing parent involvement.

The student should also expect differences in academic adjustments. For example, public schools may be required to modify the content of tests; colleges, though, are expected to provide reasonable academic accommodations, such as extended time to take the same test required of all students in a class. Services not required of colleges include provision of personal attendants, individually prescribed devices, and other services of a personal nature, such as typing.


All campus buildings are accessible via ramp or level path of travel; two-story buildings have elevators; restrooms are accessible.

Campus buildings are interconnected by level sidewalks (no steep grades).

All parking lots have accessible parking, with van parking in each lot. All parking lots are reached from a city street or state highway.

Local public transportation is available in front of the Administration Building. Bus transportation to some locations outside Lufkin is also available by arrangement with The District (936-632-2193). Non-scheduled bus transportation is also available via pre-arrangement with The District.