Guided Pathways

Providing clarity, equity and support for every student

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways is an effort to provide students with clear, coherent education maps that include course sequences, progress milestones, and learning outcomes for any program of study. Guided Pathways helps students understand the steps they need to take to graduate with a degree or certificate at Angelina College. 

Guided Pathways focuses on four main goals in order to boost student success and completion rates:

  • Clarify the Pathway
  • Getting Students on the Pathway
  • Keeping Students on the Pathway
  • Ensuring Students are Learning
Clarify the Pathway
To help students understand their academic pathways, AC has created program maps for each major. These maps tell a student exactly what courses they need to take to complete a program of study and when they need to take them.
Getting Students on the Pathway
AC will help students find the right academic path for their needs by providing advising and support during the admissions process.
Keeping Students on the Pathway
Each AC student has an assigned advisor with required check-ins. Students receive information such as transfer options and career opportunities at the end of their pathways.
Ensuring Students are Learning
AC is establishing clear program outlines for each degree and certificate offered. Faculty are also given training opportunities so they can incorporate effective teaching practice throughout the pathways.

With these four pillars, AC will help students locate the right academic pathways for their situations, help them plan their academic careers from start to finish, and connect them to advisors and ambassadors along the way so they are supported in their education choices.