Student Disability Services


Contact Us: (936) 633-4504

Step 1
Complete the Accommodations Application
  • Click the Accommodations Request button below to go to the application in the AC portal.
  • Log into the portal and complete the application.
  • If you would like a PDF or a paper copy, please let us know by emailing or calling (936) 633-4504.
Step 2
Provide Documentation of your Disability
  • Submit all required documentation of disability with your packet. 
  • For more information regarding documentation needed or policies and procedures regarding student disability services, please email us at or see the Policy and Procedure manual below.
Step 3
Schedule an Interactive Discussion
  • Students must schedule an interactive discussion with the Manager of Disability Services at least 14 days before the first day of school in order to ensure that accommodations are in place before the first class day.
  • The purpose of an ID is to ensure the student understands the process for subsequent semesters and helps to ensure the student’s needs are met.

Accommodations Request

Student Disability Services: Policy and Procedure

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