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In 2016, Angelina County stakeholders began to discuss the needs of the nonprofit sector in rural East Texas. For many years, East Texas had enjoyed resources, donor support and an abundance of ready volunteers. With the graying of leadership and volunteers, cultural changes, and donor solicitation from outside the community, competition for resources dramatically increased. With this, donors began scrutinizing nonprofit management in the areas of finance, human resources, technology, accountability and measurable effectiveness.

Stakeholders recognized that for rural East Texas nonprofits to remain competitive and viable, they needed education and training in leadership skills and in implementing industry best practices.

While a passion for mission and hard work are still valued, training and education in best practices are essential for rural East Texas nonprofits to survive and thrive. Thus, timing and need for the Angelina College Nonprofit Leadership Center (NPLC) was perfect!

As we embark on the post-COVID-19 landscape, we now offer affordable, practical, and high quality (online and in-person) classes throughout the year.  Whether professional development or Nonprofit Management Certification seeking, participants will grow in leadership skills. We partner with community leadership including the Lufkin Chamber of Commerce to deliver critical learning opportunities for emerging and tenured nonprofit leadership. 

Thank you to all who attended and those who helped make the 2023 conference a success!


To educate, equip and encourage nonprofit leaders in rural East Texas.



An educated, trained, competent pool of people equipped with essential tools and expertise, who are encouraged and inspired to confidently lead rural nonprofit organizations in the competitive 21st century.


  • Provide high quality, affordable, local education for nonprofit leaders
  • Value the crucial role of nonprofits in the fabric of East Texas community
  • Elevate leadership values of service, stewardship, transparency, accountability and best business practices


  • Train leaders to create mutual relationships of trust, respect, and dignity of every stakeholder
  • Transfer of wisdom and experience through mentoring
  • Facilitate nonprofit networking, partnerships and collaborations
  • Foster diversity in nonprofit organizations


Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Registration

Join us for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Semester!



For more information please email nonprofit@angelina.edu.


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Nonprofit Management Certificate

Have you been looking for a way to learn more about leading a SUCCESSFUL nonprofit organization?

After gaining this certificate in nonprofit management, you will be fluent in board governance essentials, high-impact leadership, nonprofit financial management, donor development, marketing, and communication as well as trends and innovations in philanthropy. For registration information, email nonprofit@angelina.edu