Transcript Evaluation

Incoming Transfer Students

Angelina College will review all official college/university transcripts received. The following areas will be reviewed in consideration of course equivalency.

  • College or university must be nationally or regionally accredited.
  • The Registrar’s Office reviews Texas Common Course Numbering System – TCCNS (https://tccns.org/) for equivalent courses for Texas Public Institutions.
  • Out-of-state/Online/Private schools, the Registrar’s Office collects course description information and submits to the Dean of the academic school in which the course resides.
  • Institutions that are outside the U.S. – students must submit their transcripts for evaluation to a company that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credit Evaluators (AICE). The evaluation must verify U.S. undergraduate coursework equivalency including semester credit hours, grade and GPA.
  • If the Registrar’s Office is unable to locate course descriptions, the student will be asked to provide them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer coursework to Angelina College?

  • Students must submit an official transcript from each college/university attended.
  • It may also be necessary for you to submit course syllabi to help with the assessment.
  • What college courses will be accepted as course transfer credit?

    • Freshman and sophomore college-level courses completed at regionally or nationally accredited institutions will transfer provided that a grade of at least “D” (1.0) is earned and the course is similar in content and learning outcomes to the work offered at Angelina College.
      • Upper-level coursework will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Angelina College utilizes the US Department of Education’s website to determine accreditation of colleges/universities (https://ope.ed.gov/dapip/#/home)
    • The office of the Registrar will work with the academic departments to determine the acceptability of prior coursework.
      • Coursework from Texas Public institutions will be verified through the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) for equivalency.
      • Coursework from Out of state and private institutions will be evaluated through the use of course descriptions and syllabi (when provided).
        • The student will be notified if AC is unable to verify course content. The student would then be required to provide a course syllabus for review of equivalency.
      • Workforce/technical courses can be evaluated for equivalency upon student request. The Academic Dean would determine courses that will meet equivalency requirements.

    How do I know what coursework transferred for credit?

    • All successful transfer coursework will be listed on your AC official transcript.
    • This does not indicate that the course will be used to fulfill a degree requirement.
    • Students can check their AC Portal – Degree Audit or speak with a Student Success Coach for courses that have been evaluated and an equivalency determined.

    What is the maximum number of college course credits transferred and accepted?

    You must complete a minimum of 25% of your course requirements at Angelina College. For an associate degree requiring 60 credit hours, 15 of those credit hours must be completed at Angelina College.

    Do my grades transfer with my college courses?

    Your grades will appear on your Angelina College transcript, but transfer coursework is NOT calculated into your Angelina College GPA.

    What if the college courses and credits were taken and earned many years ago?

    Angelina college will work with you on determining equivalencies for older courses. If you have more specialized courses, like computer technology much of the technology may be obsolete or changed. In all cases, collecting course syllabi and assessments to be presented during the assessment would be helpful.

    What if my college courses and studies were taken at a foreign institution?

  • Evaluating coursework taken at foreign institution of higher learning is a several-step process. AC will need to have as much information as possible regarding your coursework, your previous institution and your previous educational system. Courses will be evaluated on the basis of their comparability to courses and curricula offered.
  • All transcripts and course syllabi and descriptions must be evaluated and translated from the original language into English, evaluated for equivalency to US course standards and certified by a professional translator.
  • The evaluation company must be a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES – https://www.naces.org/members) or the Association of International Credit Evaluators (AICE – https://aice-eval.org/endorsed-members/).
  • The Office of the Registrar, with the help of academic Deans, will then process the evaluated/translated transcript for any equivalent course outcomes and equivalent credit hours.
  • Can I receive college course credit for military study?

  • Angelina College will evaluate courses taken while in the military.
  • An official Joint Services Transcript (JST) is required.
  • Courses that are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) will be reviewed by the academic dean for course equivalency.
  • Credit hours granted in this manner may not total more than 24 credits.
  • Where do I request a military transcript?

    Air Force – Order transcripts from the Community College of the Air Force.

    Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy – Order transcripts from the Joint Services Transcript System (JST).

    What are Alternative Credit Options?

    Alternative credit options:

    • Military
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma
    • Course by-pass Spanish
    • College Board Advanced Placement (AP)
    • College Level Examination Programs (CLEP)
    • Credit by Experience/Exam

    Alternative credits hours regardless of option may not total more than 24 credits.

    How do I get credit for AP, CLEP or IB?

    • Request your official scores or transcript.
      • AP: to order official test scores go to AP Portal
      • CLEP: to order official test scores go to the CLEP Portal and select My CLEP account
      • IB: to order a transcript go to the IB Portal
      • Angelina College AP and CLEP code: 6025
    • Once the official scores/transcript is received, it will be evaluated for score requirements.
    • Credit awarded will be documented on your Angelina College transcript.

    What Subjects Can I Receive AP or CLEP Credit?

    Refer to the Angelina College catalog for a list of test subjects and grades required in order to receive credit.


    What is the conversion scale from quarter to semester hours?

    One quarter hour is approximately 2/3 semester hour when transferred.  Quarter to Semester Conversions


    Quarter Hours

    Semester Hours














    What is an Academic Fresh Start?

    Academic Fresh Start gives students who have attended Angelina College the option of having coursework taken 10 or more years prior to the starting date of the semester to be eliminated from computation of the grade point average (GPA).  This is an “all or nothing” option.  You are not able to pick and choose which courses to ignore and which courses to count. If you choose the “Academic Fresh Start” option, you will not receive credit for any of the courses taken 10 or more years ago.

    Once this election is made, that coursework cannot be used to meet degree or prerequisite requirements, though the coursework remains on the student’s record.  A notation will be added to your transcript indicating that you have elected to do the Academic Fresh Start.

     Academic Fresh Start is not considered with financial aid calculations.

    The online form is found on the AC Portal, Student Tab, Student Forms. Once submitted, the form is reviewed and processed by the Registrar.

    How do I Audit a Course?

    Any student may audit a course by completing the online form PRIOR TO the official census date of the semester (see AC Master Calendar or AC Academic Calendar).

    Auditing students may attend classes, but WILL NOT EARN CREDIT for the audited course.

    Once a student chooses to audit a course, they cannot later ask to receive credit.

    The admission process and tuition and fees are the same for students auditing courses as those for credit enrollment. 


    How can I get an education verification?

  • AC utilizes the National Student Clearinghouse to process degree/education verifications.
  • Current students needing an enrollment verification can print that directly from their AC Student Portal, Student Forms page, using the National Student Clearinghouse link.
  • Requests sent directly to the Registrar must be accompanied by a signed release from the student.
  • Subpoenas do not require a student’s signed release.
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    • TSI Scores
    • Bacterial Meningitis Shot Record
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    Dual Credit

    Students wanting to take classes while in high school


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