Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual credit allows high school students to earn college credit while enrolled in high school.  In some cases, students may earn dual credit for a course and receive both high school and college credit simultaneously. Students earn credit by taking an approved college class offered at a high school, the AC campus, or online. Our students can choose to take courses designed to transfer to a four-year college/university or technical courses designed to contribute to a workforce or health science program.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must have the approval of the high school counselor if enrolled in a public Texas ISD.

If taking classes on the Lufkin campus, students must have proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination or a waiver on file.

Students must meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) eligibility requirements for college-level coursework or be exempt based on alternative test scores (SAT/ACT/STAAR). For more information on the TSI, please click HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Dual Credit students are AC students!

The Dual Credit Students section is the only place where your direction will be different from other students – otherwise the answers are the same for all students.

Texas Success Initiative - Course Eligibility

Students are required to be considered college-level ready in the specified content area(s) before enrolling in the following courses:

Course Number Course Title TSIA Required
ACCT 2301 & 2302 Principles of Accounting I & II Math
BIOL 2401 & 2402 Anatomy & Physiology I & II Reading and Writing (ELAR)
CHEM 1411 & 1412 General Chemistry I and II Math
ENGL 1301 & 1302 Composition I & II Reading and Writing (ELAR)
GOVT 2305 & 2306 Federal and State Government Reading and Writing (ELAR)
HIST 1301 & 1302 US History I & II Reading and Writing (ELAR)
College Level Math All College Math Math
PSYC 2301 General Psychology Reading and Writing (ELAR)
PSYC 2314 Lifespan Psychology Reading and Writing (ELAR)
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology Reading and Writing (ELAR)
SOCI 1306 Social Problems Reading and Writing (ELAR)

Core Curriculum

Dual Credit students may enroll in courses that apply toward a certificate, degree, field of study or the AC Core Curriculum.  Dual credit may only be awarded with approval from the high school and the college. Dual credit students are not eligible to enroll in developmental education or physical education courses.

The high school (including charter, private and homeschool) is responsible for determining which college courses meet the TEKS requirements or learning outcomes. The decision to offer or accept a course for dual credit lies with the high school counselor/administration and all students are required to have the approval of the district to enroll. Angelina College must have an active memorandum of understanding with the ISD to offer dual credit courses.

Core Area Course Title Credit Hours
Communication ENGL 1301, 1302 or 2311 6
Mathematics MATH 1314, 1324, 1332, 1342, 1350, 1414, 2412, 2413, 2414 3
Life & Physical Science BIOL 1322, 1406, 1407, 1408, 1409, 1411, 1413, 2401, 2402, 2404, 2420; CHEM 1305, 1409, 1411, 1412; GEOL 1403, 1404; PHYS 1305, 1401,1402, 2425, 2426 6
Language Philosophy & Culture ENGL 2322, 2323, 2327, 2328, 2332, 2333, 2341, 2351; SPAN 2311, 2312 3
Creative Arts ARTS 1301, 1303, 1304; DRAM 1310; MUSI 1306, 1307, 1310 3
American History HIST 1301, 1302 6
Government/Political Science GOVT 2305, 2306 6
Social & Behavioral Science ECON 2301, 2302; GEOG 1303; PSYC 2301, 2314; SOCI 1301, 1306 3
Component Area Option CRIJ 1301; EDUC 1300, PSYC 1300; SPCH 1315, 1318, 1321; Arts 1303, 1304; ENGL 1302, 2311; CHEM 1105; HIST 2311, 2312; MATH 1325; PHYS 1105 or any course listed in sections 2, 3, 4 or 8 6
Total   42

Dual Credit - Home Schooled or Private School


  1. Fill out the Dual Credit Application.
  2. Select Texas Home-Schooled for “Which high school do you attend?”
  3. Submit an unofficial high school transcript. This transcript but be a typed document listing all completed high school coursework.
  4. Students planning to attend classes on the Lufkin campus must submit proof of bacterial meningitis or a waiver. Students who are taking online classes only, do not need to submit this document.
  5. Register to take the Texas Success Initiative [provide link to Testing]. Student must pass the reading and writing portion to take college level writing and the math portion to take college level math. Students may re-test as desired.
  6. Once accepted, students may log in  to the myAC Portal and submit a FERPA waiver (located on the Students tab under Student Forms) if the student wishes to allow parents/guardians to speak to Angelina College faculty and staff (students must be logged into the AC Portal to access this form).
  7. Complete and sign the Homeschool MOU.

All Admissions documents may be submitted to dcdocuments@angelina.edu.

Course Registration

Student must complete a Dual Credit Registration Form and return it to the Director of Dual Enrollment. This form will require the signature of the parent/guardian, student and the high school counselor (the parent is the designee for homeschooled students). Dual credit students are not permitted to self-register. See “Course Eligibility” for information on courses available for dual credit.

Tuition and Fees

Home schooled students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees. The federal government not allow dual credit students to be eligible for financial aid. If the course requires textbooks, students are responsible for purchasing required materials. Most of the courses required in the core curriculum utilize free, open resources for textbooks. For tuition and fees information, click here.

College Preparatory Course - House Bill 5

In compliance with Texas House Bill 5, Angelina College provides college preparatory courses in mathematics and the English language arts. The course materials are provided by the college while course delivery is provided by the school district, utilizing a high school instructor. Students who successfully complete the course, and achieve the required score on the final exam are considered TSI complete for a period of two years at Angelina College.

Angelina College has also partnered with Texas College Bridge for an individualized, online option for college preparatory courses.