Student Services

Services Offered to Students at AC

The goal of Student Services is to minimize barriers to educational success for all Angelina College students from all walks of life. We offer an array of services for students, including, but not limited to: financial assistance programs, resources in our community, educational accommodations, and student life activities and programs. We look forward to serving you!

ACCHD Public Health Resource Center

The Public Health Resource Center is a partnership that provides health and well-being services while creating campus-wide public health response resiliency for staff and students at AC.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5236

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AC Cafeteria

Enjoy delicious food on campus. The AC Cafeteria offers extensive dining selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in the Student Center, first floor.

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AC Perks

The Perkins Basic Grant Program supports colleges in educating students who enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses and programs in preparation for high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5344 or

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CONTACT: or call (936) 633-5210

Advising (Academic Success)

CONTACT: or call (936) 633-5212

Buckner Family Pathways

Buckner provides single-parent families the opportunity to live in a safe, secure environment while completing their educational or vocational goals and learning the skills they need to be self-sufficient. Families are provided support through access to affordable housing, financial assistance, counseling, spiritual growth and case management services. Visit to learn more.


AC partners with Burke to provide innovative counseling and treatment interventions for students as well as access to their mental health emergency center in Lufkin. Burke also has a 24 hour crisis line available.

CONTACT: 936-634-5010

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Career Exploration & Development

Free workshops and seminars are offered weekly to all students to help guide them on their career journey.


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Community Resources

Check out the resources that Angelina County has to offer HERE.

Disability Services & Accommodations

The Angelina College Office of Disability Services (ODS) ensures that all students with disabilities are afforded the opportunity to access the same educational opportunities, receive the same information, engage in the same interactions, and be empowered to enjoy the same college experience as students without disabilities.

CONTACT: (936) 633-4504

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Financial Aid

CONTACT: or call (936)-633-5470


CONTACT: or call (936) 633-5219.

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Residence Life

There are 108 spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Recruiting program recipients and returning students have priority, so apply early.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5344 or

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Roadrunner Market

AC is proudly partnering with Brookshire Brothers and Christian Information & Service Center to support
the Roadrunner Market. Our walk-in Market is located on campus in Hudgins Hall Room 109.

Clothing Vouchers are available for current AC students through the Office of Student Affairs, in
partnership with the Family Crisis Center of Lufkin.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5344 or

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Student Affairs

CONTACT: or call (936) 633-5344.

Student Emergency Aid

With the support of the Angelina College Foundation*, qualifying students may be approved to receive up to $500 per school year to assist with household expenses following a sudden emergency and financial burden.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5344 or

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Testing Center

CONTACT: or call 936-633-5495.

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Tutoring Center

Get FREE help in person or online. The Angelina College Tutoring Center offers tutoring to all current AC students.

CONTACT: or call (936) 633-4504.

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Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is available to help you get your papers written and printed with English instructor assistance.

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We have an advisor on campus for veterans seeking financial assistance through one of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) programs.

CONTACT: (936) 633-5356 or CONTACT: (936) 633-5344 or

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