Transfer Information

AC offers various opportunities for transferability and completion, such as state-wide fields of study, transfer agreements with specific colleges and universities, and degree/certificate pathways. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we encourage you to explore transfer options at AC and consult with your Success Coach to determine the best path for your goals.

If your desired college or university is not on our list, it doesn’t mean you can’t transfer there. It simply means we don’t have a specific agreement with that school. You will need to meet their admission and transfer requirements to have your credits and degree evaluated.

Field of Study Courses

A Field of Study (FOS) in Texas is a collection of courses that, when combined with core coursework, satisfy the requirements for a particular major or degree program and are transferable to any public college or university in the state.

The following FOS programs are currently available at Angelina College:



Transfer Agreements

Angelina College also partners with other higher education institutions to create a seamless transfer process for students upon completion at AC. We have transfer agreements with the following colleges and universities:


Degree & Certificate Pathways

Angelina College’s Pathways degree plans help students choose a clear path of classes to help them achieve their goals. A number of Pathways are transferrable to other colleges and universities. 

Meet with your Success Coach regularly, and contact your desired University to be sure you will meet their admission and transfer requirements.