Angelina College Police Department

The Angelina College Police Department (ACPD) is committed to providing a safe and secure college environment and community for everyone who works, learns, and lives within the College’s service area. As shown in our Annual Security and Fire Report, our campus is very safe.

Angelina College Law Enforcement Officers are fully empowered by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and have full authority to stop vehicles, make arrests, and enforce all state laws. The Angelina College Police Department has jurisdiction within the twelve (12) county service district of Angelina College. 

Reporting to the Angelina College Police Department (ACPD)

ACPD strongly encourages the campus community to promptly report crimes or emergencies to ACPD, even if/when the victim of a crime cannot or will not make a report. 

ACPD investigates and reviews all reports and complaints of criminal activity that occur on campus and off- campus if the crime involves an employee or student within ACPD’s jurisdictional boundaries.

Contact Campus Police

Cell Phone: 936-676-2563

3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75901

Office (936) 633-3238


Methods of Reporting Criminal Activity to ACPD

  • Dial 911
  • Call the Campus Police Cell Phone at 936-676-2563
  • Come to or call the Campus Police during normal business hours at 936-633-3238
  • Use of the RAVE App from your cell phone.


Crime Prevention Tips

  • Always keep residence hall doors locked 
  • Ensure that all personal belongings are out of sight when securing vehicles 
  • Do not leave personal belongings or electronics unattended 
  • Use the two-lock system to secure bicycles 
  • Walk in groups, when possible 
  • Inform a friend, relative, roommate, of the route that you are traveling 
  • Remain aware of your surroundings 
  • Walk in well-lit areas 
  • If you feel that you are in danger or are being followed, immediately contact the Police Patrol via cell phone, 936-676-2563


Text Messaging Mass Notification System

The College utilizes third-party software to send text messages to members of the campus community. The communication platform, RAVE, is used for mass notification and response personnel notification. Emergency notifications and instructions are sent via text messages, phone calls, and emails to phone numbers and emails that are registered with the College. It is extremely important that every student and staff member register their phone number and email with the College to ensure they receive emergency notifications. To sign up for RAVE alerts click here.


Office of Campus Safety 

The Office of Campus Safety manages environmental health & safety, fire prevention Services, and emergency preparedness with heavy involvement from the police department. The department offers a variety of programs and resources concerning safety training for employees and students. Concerns about campus topics such as fire prevention, lab safety, environmental issues, or building evacuation concerns may be reported to the Office of Campus Safety at 936-633-3244 or Visit for more information.