The College Work Study Program provides employment for students with the greatest financial need in meeting educational expenses. Funds are provided by the federal government and by a contribution from the educational institution.

Students who participate in the program must show need for financial assistance, must be accepted for enrollment or be enrolled, and must maintain good academic standing.

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for determining which students may be employed under the program. Students may earn only the amount needed for education expenses. They may work up to 15 to 19 hours per week depending on the needs of the department.

The college policy for work in the program is that the student must enroll and retain at least 12 hours during a semester.

Other Employment
A large source of financial aid available to students at Angelina College is through student employment. Jobs are available with various firms in the community. The rate of pay varies, depending on the type of jobs, skill, and training of the individual. A student should contact the Placement Office for off campus job opportunities.