A Return to Carnegie Hall

Comptons to Perform with Grammy-Winning Artist Daigle


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When she received the word about her big invitation two years ago, Beckie Compton said it came from so far out of nowhere “it wasn’t even something I could have dreamed of adding to a bucket list.”

The invitation in 2022 for her and husband Bryan to perform with a choir at a music festival at New York’s Carnegie Hall was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Comptons.


Or so they thought.

This week, Beckie and Bryan once again will make the trek to the performing arts’ most hallowed ground, as they’ll be joining a backing choir of 275 vocalists performing with two-time Grammy, seven-time Billboard Music Award and four-time American Music Award winner Lauren Daigle in a concert scheduled for Saturday, June 29.  

Yes. The Comptons are returning to Carnegie Hall.

“When we got the invitation, I just told Bryan we needed to make this happen,” Beckie said. “This time will be completely different because Lauren Daigle is so well-known and has had such an outstanding career, especially for someone so young. Her style of music is completely different. It’s very contemporary, and you’ll hear parts of her influences all through her music. There’s a little Cajun in there, a little jazz in there.

“That was intriguing for us because it’s quite a bit different from what we’re accustomed to doing. It’s not your basic gospel choir for sure.”

Beckie, Angelina College’s Chairperson of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, has been with the college for nearly 40 years, teaching music and choir while assembling musicians and vocalists throughout the area for various performances on the AC campus. Bryan, who sings bass, has shared with his wife the stages of both Temple Theater and Hudgins Hall.

Now – again – he’ll accompany his wife for one of the biggest performances of their lives.

“Beckie gets the invitations, and I’ve been told more than once, ‘If she’ll go, you can come with her,’” Bryan said. “She’s big-time. I don’t know if people around Lufkin realize how well-respected she is in the orchestral community both around the nation and when she performs internationally.”

Bryan also noted the level of talent on display for the upcoming performance.

“For me, it’s just so much fun getting to perform with all those professional singers,” Bryan said. “There are so many great voices, and then to do it with someone with the credentials of a Lauren Daigle? I mean, we worship to some of her music during some of our church services. And now to be able to sing along with her is so cool.”

“It definitely takes you up a few notches,” Beckie laughed. 

For both Comptons, there will be no thoughts of “been there, done that.” Any invitation to Carnegie Hall is special, no matter how many times one receives the honor, Beckie said.

“I want it to be fresh and exciting because it’s such an honor any time one gets the chance to do it,” Beckie said. “I don’t take it lightly. If anything, I’m excited to be part of such a large performance, just the sheer numbers. And having a whole different vibe, a different genre of music is going to be something special.”

For further information, contact Beckie Compton at bcompton@angelina.edu.

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Beckie and Bryan Compton (2 photos):

Beckie and Bryan Compton, shown here inside Temple Theater on the Angelina College campus, will perform with award-winning artist Lauren Daigle at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, June 29. The performance marks the Comptons’ second invitation to Carnegie Hall in the past three years. (Gary Stallard/AC News Service photo)