Graphic Arts Interns Excel in Culinary Collaboration

The Graphic Arts Program at Angelina College is proud to announce a unique collaboration that highlights the talent and professionalism of its interns. Avery Sullivan and Kyle Coleman, two exceptional students from the program, have teamed up with local chef and writer, Casey Gerard, to bring culinary creations to life in the pages of Charm magazine.

Under the creative direction of Casey Gerard, Avery and Kyle are applying their graphic arts skills to photograph a series of appealing recipes. These images are not only a testament to their technical prowess but also embody the creativity and innovation that AC’s Graphic Arts Program encourages in its students.

This project is an excellent opportunity for our graphic design interns to work in a professional setting. The collaboration is set to produce a series of pieces that will be featured in upcoming editions of Charm magazine. Through this partnership, Avery and Kyle are not just contributing to a popular publication but are also laying the groundwork for their future careers in the graphic arts industry.

Submitted by Reg Reynolds