Roadrunner Mascot at Angelina College to Receive Exciting Updates


Lufkin, TX – May 16, 2024—The beloved Roadrunner statue, a cherished symbol of Angelina College, has temporarily been removed from its prominent spot along Highway 59 for an exciting update. The statue, which has stood proudly representing our community spirit and college pride, will undergo necessary enhancements.

The Roadrunner has been a significant part of Angelina College for many years, greeting passersby and welcoming students, faculty, and visitors alike. The decision to update the mascot was made to ensure that it continues to embody the energy and enthusiasm that define our college community.

“We understand the sentimental value the Roadrunner holds for many in our community and want to make sure that it continues to look great for years to come,” said Krista Brown, Associate Vice President of Student Services at Angelina College. “These updates are being done with the utmost care and respect for its legacy. We are confident that the refreshed Roadrunner will continue to inspire pride and joy among all who see it.”

While the Roadrunner is temporarily away, we encourage the community to look forward to its return, which is anticipated to be within the next month. The updated statue will feature enhancements that maintain its iconic look.

Angelina College appreciates the community’s patience and support during this period. We will keep everyone informed about the progress and exact return date of our Roadrunner mascot.