Satisfactory Academic Progress

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Federal and state laws require that students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in their course of study in order to receive federal financial assistance.

These standards apply to all periods of attendance, even periods when a student did not receive financial aid.

The Angelina College Financial Aid Office assesses satisfactory academic progress at the end of
each payment period (Fall term, Spring term, and Summer term).

SAP calculations include:

1. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA): This is a qualitative measure that evaluates a student’s GPA on coursework at Angelina College. 

2. Completion Pace: This is a quantitative formula that measures whether a student is on pace to complete their education within the maximum time frame. A student must complete at least 66.6% of the total cumulative hours attempted. Grades of W, I or F will count as non-completed courses. Repeated courses are calculated as a part of pace. Credit hours transferred from another institution are counted toward pace.