Angelina Challenge Award

A unique scholarship program that challenges all high school students to graduate from high school and set goals that lead to college or technical careers, and ensures that graduates will have the resources to begin college. This scholarship was established on the 25 anniversary of Angelina College through an endowment started with a donation from the estate of Ms. Effie Boon, a lifelong public school teacher from Angelina County who valued the opportunity of public education.

This scholarship is reserved for recent graduates of accredited public high schools in Angelina County and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To be eligible for this award, students must complete the FAFSA as well as an Angelina College general scholarship application, and must not qualify for more than $1,000 in financial aid. (i.e. Pell, other federal and state grants, Angelina College scholarships and other aid). The award will cover mandatory tuition and fees for up to 12 semester hours of study each semester for the first two semesters of enrollment. Students must enroll during the first academic year following high school graduation. The award does not apply to summer semesters unless the student has been enrolled and received the Angelina Challenge award during the preceding fall or spring semester.


Boon Scholarships

Through a donation by the estate of Ms. Effie Boon, a lifelong public school teacher from Angelina County who valued the opportunity of public education, the Boon Opportunity and Boon Teaching Awards were established.

Boon Opportunity Award is designated for adults seeking the opportunity to continue their education by returning to school from the workforce or homemaking, or for students completing their GED and continuing their education.

Boon Teaching Award is designated for education majors from the Angelina College service area that plan on teaching in this area following receipt of their degree.


Shands Family Scholarship

Established by the Shands family, these scholarships are designed to serve students who have financial need that is not met by other scholarships or financial aid. Priority is given to those students majoring in high-demand occupations. These one-time scholarships are awarded each semester.


Smith-Hutson Scholarship

The Smith-Hutson scholarship is intended for Angelina College students with academic potential and established financial need who are committed to completing a certificate or degree at Angelina College. Taking into account other scholarships that the student may receive and the students’ financial resources, the Smith-Hutson scholarship typically provides sufficient assistance to cover tuition, books, fees, and reasonable living expenses on campus. Read more.


Ellen C. Temple Scholarship

Established by the Temple family, these scholarships are designed to help students meet financial need that is not met by scholarships or other financial aid in order to encourage enrollment and graduation for promising students.